Social media, by definition, is social.

Social media marketing is all about delivering content of value to your audiences; content with a purpose that moves folk to engage.

My job is to showcase your brand by making authentic connections through your social media platforms. I do this by creating content that will inspire your followers to engage with and share information and advice. I create posts that are of benefit to your customers and build your brand’s authority.

And, most importantly, I want to make sure your social media efforts get the best bang for your buck.

Social media goals:

  • A consistent, attractive, up-to-date presence on social media with posts that show you off as the leader in your field that you are.
  • Increased awareness of your brand so your target audience knows your company’s name and thinks of you when they need your product or service.
  • Increased website traffic and sales by driving traffic from your social platforms to your website through useful, relevant and compelling content.

Changes are afoot – First, a bit of backgroundFacebook-strategy-changes

According to a 2017 report by NZ social media company, Mosh, Facebook is New Zealand’s second most popular online destination (after Google Search) – and the place where Kiwis spend more time online than anywhere else: an average of 10 hours and 43 minutes per month.

As Facebook has grown and moved to increase profits from its business, the percentage of followers who are likely to see a typical post has steadily declined: estimates now sit at around just 2.63% of followers.

Why? Because Facebook has reverted to focusing on promoting “meaningful” content from family and friends rather than that of public or business pages. Meaningful content is content people engage with through comments, sharing, liking etc. The days of quantity over quality on Facebook are long gone, so for many, there will need to be a change in social media strategy. Could that be you? I have a number of social media packages and options available.

What does that mean for you?
There are two main things you can do to improve your Facebook reach:

  1. Pay to promote posts to your followers through Facebook paid advertising. Facebook’s new algorithm means less organic reach, so you’ll need to pay Facebook to get to over 90% of your fans. You can do that in the form of boosted and promoted posts to complement your organic campaigns. You’ll need to have a daily advertising budget to ensure that your posts are seen by your customers and target audience. However, Facebook advertising overall is expected to increase as more businesses and news outlets pay for their content to be distributed, reaching users they used to be able to reach organically. With demand for ads increasing, ad prices are also expected to go up.
  2. Create content that your followers really want to read and share. Focus on generating organic reach through post engagement and website clickthroughs. Facebook success, as with all website content, now lies largely in the content. The more interactions a post receives, the more likely that it will be shown to your followers, therefore increasing engagement. To be considered engaging, content must either add value (educate the audience), be fun or interactive (such as asking the audience for their opinion), or incentivised (for example: comment on this post and go in to the draw to win) while relating to the target audience and purpose of the brand. And that’s where I come in.

I implement a social media strategy that is strong, innovative and up to date. How is yours?

How is my social media strategy going to achieve these aims?

I will add well-thought-out, meaningful content with a purpose on a regular basis to your social media platforms.

To spark genuine conversations and interactions with your followers I will create content on current issues, trends, advice, local news and upcoming events all pertaining to your business: targeted, selective publishing.

As dynamic as custom content can be on Facebook, it is not enough all by itself. In April, 2018, when offering advice to small businesses on how to survive Facebook changes, Forbes magazine stated that

Facebook should be considered as an important supplement to your overall social media marketing strategy. Sharing content exclusively on Facebook will no longer bring sustainable results to your business”.

Pinterest is one of the biggest social media channels in the world today. Some consider Pinterest the second largest search engine next to Google, able to bring in more traffic to your website than any other social platform. Even though Facebook has more users, Pinterest is more and more widely seen as a channel for selling products. Facebook is a place to connect with people, whereas Pinterest is a place to research, learn and shop.

Pinterest is not a catalogue of your products. That is not to say you shouldn’t pin your products, but it is about much more than that.

How? Apart from clickthroughs to your site directly from your product and rich pins, when your images or pins are shared in the form of repinning, new backlinks are generated for your website. This is one of the best ways to drive highly targeted traffic to your website.

Pins are easily available forever. On Facebook, promoted and boosted posts are around for only a few hours. Everything you create and pin on Pinterest lives and can continue being shared forever, blogs included. Your brand gets sustained online visibility.

Pinterest visitors are not there to see updates from friends, they visit Pinterest to look at products, get inspirations and purchase. To be successful Pinterest, like Facebook needs regular, inspired, helpful, engaging content.

A successful social media strategy focuses on driving awareness and website traffic.

If you need some help either just setting up your accounts and changing your approach over a few months, give me a call. I do Facebook & Pinterest revamps. I can do a three-month jump start, or I can manage your social media strategy long term. It’s up to you.

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